Why You Shouldn’t Wear Your Baseball Cap Backwards

Far, far back in fashion’s past, the bizarre trend of wearing your cap backwards gained speed - in the 90s, especially, it was sought after by many hat wearers. You looked rebellious. You looked fetching. You looked unique. But now, it’s fair to say that’s not the case. Not at all. Just trust us on this one.

So, why shouldn’t you wear your baseball cap backwards? Firstly, it renders the cap’s actual purpose practically useless, as the purpose of the bill is to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sunshine. It’s also a trend that’s embedded firmly in the past. And, as the times move, so do the rules of fashion.

When you consider it, you’re essentially wasting your money on an accessory you’re not even using properly, and who’d want to do that? There’s a general vibe that comes along with wearing caps backwards - a vibe that’s a little immature. Onlookers could be so distracted by your questionable fashion choice, that it takes away from the rest of your outfit. Strap yourselves in, and we’ll tell you exactly why that is below. As we’ll show, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t wear your baseball cap backwards, both from a practical and fashion-wise perspective. Trends are forever changing and shifting, but there’s no need for us to stay firmly rooted in the past. Although not an earth-shattering, life-changing decision, it’s one you most certainly can’t make lightly. Let’s leave the daft and arguably pointless habit of backwards baseball caps in history, please. If they were meant to be worn the other way round, they would’ve been designed that way.

The Impractical Side of Wearing Baseball Caps Backwards

It’s a key provider of shade, crafted cleverly in order to protect both the wearer’s head and face from the almighty sun and its powerful rays. Although a seemingly simple accessory to put together, every part and component of a cap has its specific role. The goal in mind is to provide that much-needed protection and cover, especially during the bright summer months. 

And so, it really is a mystery why some cap wearers take it upon themselves to turn their cap backwards. With a click of their fingers and the flip of their hat, all the magical protective properties their accessory once held simply disappear. It really doesn’t make any sense.

You have, after all, spent your hard-earned money on your baseball cap, so you surely would want to use it as one. If we’re being technical, different styles and brims will cost you varying amounts. And, what’s the point in forking out the cash for a certain type if it’s going to be sitting at the back of your head? You’re likely to choose a hat based on its height, type of bill, or pattern – and bold designs aren’t always cheap. For that reason, why would you make the plastic closure at the back, for example, the main focus of your cap instead? Unless people speak to you from behind, that is – you might be missing a trick here.

There’s nothing more comical than seeing a fan watching a sports game, his baseball cap thrown on backwards, as he shields the sun from his eyes…with his hand. It seems as if the originating purpose of the baseball cap has been completely disregarded, and instead, they’re solely recognised as being a fashion statement.

It’s about as useful as wearing sunglasses at midnight - which, funnily enough, is not useful in the slightest. And, let’s face it - whenever we see celebrities wearing shades indoors, we never fail to tut at their apparent cluelessness. So, why don’t we do the same for baseball caps? Wake up, fashion police!

It’s an Outdated Trend

This odd trend stems back to the 1990s, and there’s a reason why the past should be treated as the past. Back then, you were seen as suave if you were found swaggering along the streets wearing a cap backwards. Now, you’re just seen as plain silly.

It’s highly likely that this particular trend rooted from catchers in baseball, who wore their caps backwards so that they didn’t interfere with their masks. Unless you’re a catcher in baseball, or doing some sort of other sporting activity, we’d urge you to leave the trend of backwards baseball caps on the playing fields. Deal?

If We’re Being Honest, It’s Not Exactly Fashionable

Being a fashion rebel isn’t always the best way to go. From a style point of view, it’s rather unflattering. As we mentioned above, caps are engineered specifically to suit both your head and face shape. By turning around your cap, you’ll risk losing the flattering aspect of it completely. And, who wants to look ridiculous in a hat that looks like it shouldn’t even belong on their head?

Some argue it looks a little immature, and although a brutal statement, it’s agreeable. Let’s face it - we’ve only really seen baseball caps being worn backwards by twelve -year-olds who zoom around on their skateboards and scooters, juice boxes clutched in their hands. If you want to keep up with this youthful trend, by all means, be our guest.

So, Why Do People Insist on Wearing Them Backwards?

More often than not, offenders who choose to wear their hats backwards have to be ready to jump to their own defence whenever someone calls them out for their questionable fashion choices. We’ll make sure you have nothing left in your bank of excuses - we won’t let you get away with wearing your cap in this manner.

  • Some people genuinely believe that wearing their cap the wrong way around lends them a cool, unique look. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and we’ll tell you that for free. Considering it’s a trend that’s been dragged on for decades and decades, ‘unique’ is not a word that can be applied in this case.

  • Others don’t like the way the bill sticks out, and they find its protrusion a little harsh. Quite frankly, the simplest way around this obstacle is not to buy a baseball cap in the first place. There are plenty of other styles, such as beanies or bucket hats, that don’t include that oh-so ‘difficult’ brim.

  • Some cap wearers claim the sun doesn’t bother them and they can cope without eye protection. We don’t know many people who are great enough to fight the sun itself, but go for it; you might just prove us wrong.

  • Apparently, it can provide more comfort for people who are indoors, especially those who are making a half-hearted attempt to conceal their bed hair. Laziness is most definitely not an excuse. If I were you, I’d wake up five minutes earlier and sort my hair out, as this doesn’t prevent you from putting your hat on the right way around. We didn’t make the rules of fashion; they made themselves.

  • Others claim that wearing your cap backwards will protect your neck from unnecessary and unwanted sun exposure. There are more practical options floating around, however, with the names ’bandana’, ‘high necked shirt’ and ‘sun cream’. You just have to be a little savvy during times like these, and plan ahead.

  • If you’re riding a motorcycle or a skateboard, a few people complain that their hat might get blown off if they wear it properly. To be honest, your first port of call should probably be to wear a helmet, not a cap, so this won’t even be a problem in the first instance. Safety comes before anything else.


Some brave people will bear the brunt of harsh opinions, paying no attention to them. This is an ideal thing to do, and it makes perfect sense. After all, it’s their hat and is therefore their business. Fashion is extremely individual and you should have the freedom to wear whatever you want, how you want it - that’s the beauty of differing styles and trends. Ultimately, though, the world will not end depending on whether you wear your cap correctly or not. We’re just being the voice of reason in this incredibly controversial argument. And, deep down, we know we’re correct.