Who Can Wear a Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats are something of a polarizing accessory in fashion. But anyone from hip-hop artists to celebrities and models (both on and off the runway) have been seen wearing bucket hats.

So, who can wear a bucket hat? Anyone can wear a bucket hat. It's a versatile accessory that can be worn for practicality as well as in a casual or fashionable outfit, so anyone can wear it the way they want to.

There's more to it than just that, though. Anyone can wear a bucket hat, but pulling the look off is something else entirely. So if you would like to know more, do keep reading.

Anyone Can Wear a Bucket Hat

If you want to wear something, the most important factor that will decide how good you look in it is confidence. That being said, it’s understandable how some people might think twice about sporting a bucket hat. Because of its history, it can sometimes be associated with a quirky style or with fishermen at work. And as mentioned before, it’s a very polarizing item when it comes to fashion. 

They’ve been going in and out of fashion for a while now, but each time they resurface there’s always a unique take on the bucket hat. Ever since the bucket hat hit the runway, it’s evolved to have an unexpected chic appeal. Aside from that, it also goes well with casual outfits, athleisure, and streetwear.

Obviously, streetwear and hip-hop fans, as well as fashionistas, can wear bucket hats. But what about everyone else? Well, bucket hats are versatile enough to be worn in casual outfits, sporty attire, and even fashionable dresses and clothes. So anyone can wear a bucket hat and look good.

The classic black bucket hat goes well with most outfits and it looks great on both men and women, younger and older people. Men can wear a sporty bucket hat for a utilitarian look. Women can wear a faux fur bucket hat for an elegant twist. Younger people can wear bucket hats with bold prints for an outfit with a playful retro vibe, and older people can wear a basic fisherman bucket hat for a casual day out. In short, there are many types of bucket hats for different people and different occasions.

If you want to wear a bucket hat, all you need to do is pick a bucket hat that suits your needs and complements the rest of your wardrobe. If you wear casual clothes most of the time, getting a basic bucket hat is a good idea. If you’re outdoorsy and go hiking a lot, a sporty bucket hat with a chin strap can be a great addition. And if you want to look more elegant, a black bucket hat with a large brim does the trick.

All in all, if you want to wear a bucket hat, nobody’s stopping you. The most important part is that you feel good wearing it.

Where to Wear a Bucket Hat

Now that we’ve talked about the ‘who’, it’s time for the ‘where’. So here are the best places to wear a bucket hat:

●     To a casual day out - Wearing a bucket hat with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt will make the whole look more fun and interesting. If it was just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then it would look like just another casual outfit.

●     To the mall - Since it goes great with casual clothing, you can also wear it when you're going to the mall.

●     To a music festival - It's great to wear a bucket hat to a festival. This hat is just the right amount of fun for an event like this. And it's probably a better choice to wear to a music festival or concert than just a baseball cap.

●     To the beach - They’ll protect your face from the sun and look great with swimwear and beach outfits. For the ultimate beach bucket hat, get one with a tropical design (like the ones you usually see in tropical shirts).  

●     To a sports activity - They're perfect for when you're going fishing or hiking. Bucket hats that have a chin strap are a must for windy weather conditions.

●     On the go - Bucket hats make a good travel hat. You won't have to worry about them losing their shape.

Types of Bucket Hats to Choose From

There's all kinds of bucket hats to choose from. We've classified them into 6 categories:

●     Basic - A basic bucket hat without any patterns or extra design is great for people who want to wear it with their casual outfits. It's also a good choice if you're minimalistic but want a versatile piece for your wardrobe that you can combine with many different things for completely different looks.

●     With Embellishments - Bucket hats with grommets, rings, and other accents make for a great statement piece. 

●     Chic - Usually made by high fashion brands (but with cheap alternatives), these are the bucket hats made of materials such as faux fur and corduroy, or come in animal prints. These hats are unexpectedly elegant and are made to go with fashionable outfits.

●     Seasonal - Brands make season-appropriate bucket hats, too. For spring and summer you have the usual classic bucket hats, as well as ones with floral and tropical designs. For fall and winter there are corduroy and knit bucket hats. If you want a staple hat for a season, there are many to choose from with bucket hats.

●     Unexpected - These are bucket hats made of PVC, leather, and other materials you usually wouldn't expect for a hat. If you're not a stranger to wearing eye-catching outfits and want to add a bold statement piece, then hats like these are a great pick.

●     Customized - If you're into DIY fashion, bucket hats are a great blank canvas for embroidery, applying patches, or adding modifications to personalize your hat.


Bucket Hat Outfit Ideas

Now, here are some ways you can wear a bucket hat:

●     Build up on basics - You can choose a basic bucket hat to match or contrast with a monochromatic outfit.

Women can wear a black power suit and pair it with a black bucket hat to tone down the whole look.

For men, try a black t-shirt, black pants, some boots, and pair with a black bucket hat. Add a leather jacket if you want to dress up the whole look.

●     If you want to go sporty - A cotton bucket hat looks great with athleisure and sporty outfits.

For women going for an athletic look, pair a light-colored bucket hat with a ringer shirt and a pleated skirt or sport skirt and a pair of sneakers.

Men can wear a bucket hat with a sports jacket, basketball shoes, and sweatpants.

●     Vibrant tones - You can pull off a bucket hat with bright prints if you pair it with classic, toned down pieces like a pair of jeans or a basic jacket.

For women, wear a bucket hat with a leopard print with a white blouse, your favorite pair of jeans, and some heels.

Men can wear a printed bucket hat with a basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans and sneakers.

●     Laid back in spring and summer - In these seasons, a bucket hat would look best with a relaxed and lightweight fit.

Women can try a wide-brimmed bucket hat with a light midi dress and a pair of sandals.

For men, pair a bucket bat with a breathable button-down, some chinos, and white sneakers.

●     Cozy in fall and winter - You can use bucket hats to play with proportions. Because of its shape, a bucket hat will complement a fitted outfit. In winter, pairing a bucket hat with layered clothing also ties together the whole look.