Can You Wear a Baseball Cap Through Airport Security?

The security screening process in airports can be rather tedious. If you plan to wear a baseball cap through airport security, you may be worried about holding up the line and annoying other passengers.

Can you wear a baseball cap through airport security? Wearing a baseball cap is allowed in most airports during the screening process, as long as you walk through the scanner without wearing it. If airport policy requires you to take it off, then you just have to put it on one of the bins that go through the conveyor belt.

There are still many things to consider with this question, which we will get into shortly. You might want to stick around for this one just so everything's clear.

Things to Consider

Airport security is very tight and they can be very particular about accessories and hats. People could be suspected of hiding things underneath their hats, among other things. So here are some things you should consider if you want to wear your baseball cap through airport security:

●      Different airports have different policies when it comes to hats and head coverings - In the USA, you are allowed to wear your baseball cap through screening, but you may have to go through a secondary screening process if the screener finds it necessary.

In Canada, on the other hand, they require you to remove hats. Different airports have different policies when it comes to head coverings, so it's better to check with the airport you're going to so you can avoid any trouble.

●      Unless you really want to take your hat with you, it may be better not to wear one at all - Screening policies vary widely, but a baseball hat could look suspicious to some screeners. Security could also ask you to take your hat off for various reasons.

Security measures around the airport such as cameras and facial recognition technology may also get affected if a person wears a baseball cap since this would cover your face in certain angles.

They may also want to make sure that you're really the person on your passport, and they may find that coverings such as baseball caps obscure your head.

●      There are some exceptions to these rules - In the USA, if you are under 13, then you're allowed to keep your baseball cap on. If you're over 75, the screening process won't be as meticulous, so it's likely they won't mind if you're wearing a baseball cap.

●      You don't want to look suspicious - You should probably avoid wearing sunglasses with a baseball cap or anything like that, as this could raise suspicion on the screeners' part.

●     Don't argue with the officers or screeners - If you're asked to take off your cap then you should comply unless you have personal reasons; in which case you'll probably be subjected with a secondary screening process. If you argue with the screeners, they might put you to the side, delaying your screening process or even potentially making you miss your flight.

●     Don't wear baseball caps that have offensive designs - This is just to avoid any concern coming from security, as the officers and screeners will naturally become more alert if you wear things with that kind of negative connotation. Baseball caps with designs that suggest violence, reference drugs, and other inappropriate things will make you look questionable and untrustworthy, so it’s best to steer clear of these.

Wearing a Baseball Cap While Travelling

Some people say you should always wear a hat when you travel. 

Baseball caps will keep the sun out of your eyes, which is quite helpful if you'll be spending time somewhere hot like a tropical country. It will also shield your eyes if you're particularly sensitive to bright lights (airports have plenty of this). And if you want to keep to yourself or sleep in the plane, all you really need to do is tilt your hat down.

That being said, wearing a baseball cap may make you feel a tad awkward in some situations.

For example, if you're visiting Europe where people tend to dress well, you may sometimes feel a little underdressed while wearing a baseball cap, or that you look "touristy" and stick out.

Moreover, if you're concerned about sunburn, a baseball cap won't protect the back of your neck from the sun. So in the next section, we'll be talking about alternatives to a baseball cap.


What to Wear with a Baseball Cap at the Airport

Airport fashion is tough. You want to prioritize comfort and safety, but nobody really wants to look inappropriate or ill-fitting. So here are some outfit ideas for the airport that you can wear with a baseball cap:

●     For a basic look - if style isn't your main priority, then you can just wear your baseball cap with your most comfortable pair of jeans (if you're a woman you can also wear leggings) and a sweater to keep warm inside the plane. For shoes, wear a pair of sneakers or slip-ons which won't be hard to remove for airport security.

Make sure that the sweater doesn't look too loose or bulky since this could give you a reason to go through a second screening. Lastly, also make sure that the jeans you will wear actually stay up without a belt since you'll be removing that during screening.

●     Add layers - an outfit with multiple layers is easier for traveling. You can wear your baseball cap with a scarf, which can double as a pillow or cover for when you want to sleep or feel comfier in the plane. Wear these with a tank top or t-shirt and a warm jacket or coat so you can be prepared for temperature fluctuations (there will be different temperatures in the airport, inside the plane, and at your destination).

●     The stylish way - for an outfit that is fashionable but still comfortable and appropriate for the airport, you can wear a baseball cap with a blazer, some chinos or relaxed trousers. Bonus points if the cap matches with the blazer. For the shoes, wear flats (for women) or a pair of loafers.


Alternative Hat Choices for Travel

If you're thinking of other choices for travel hats, here are some options you can consider:

●     Flat cap - A flat cap or newspaper boy hat is like a more fashionable version of the baseball cap. It will still keep the sun out of your eyes and it's great for when you don't want to feel "touristy" in certain places, as we mentioned before. This kind of hat is also easier to pack.

●     Panama hat - These hats, in particular, are designed to be easy to fold and roll up, so you won't have any trouble packing these when you travel. It's a straw hat but more fashionable, so it's great for traveling in the summer or somewhere tropical. It's lightweight and the wide brim is useful for protecting your face and the back of your neck from UV rays.

●     Bucket hat - These hats come in a wider variety than panama hats and are easier to fold as well (really, panama hats should only be folded for short periods of time). It's easy to fold up and pack and provides you with sun protection so it's a great choice if you want a stylish travel hat.