How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Baseball Cap

Donning a good-looking baseball cap not only protects your head and face from the sun and wind but is also a nice way to enhance your persona, outlook, and fashion sense. On the contrary, a baseball cap is a delicate accessory that should be handled with a lot of care. Things can get more serious if you have a favorite baseball cap that you feel you can’t do without. What can you do when a packing mishap or a simple mistake leaves you with a wrinkled baseball cap?

So, how do you get wrinkles out of a baseball cap? Generally, baseball caps are made from cotton twill, which can easily be steamed to remove the wrinkles. The process requires a cap to be held above kettle steam, which will smooth away the wrinkles and creases from the fabric panels and the cap's sweatband.

A baseball cap will only look good if it’s clean, well-maintained, and devoid of wrinkles. If your cap has wrinkles or has completely lost its shape for any given reason, there are measures you can take to remove the wrinkles and restore it to its former glory. In this article, we’re going to highlight the process step by step and ensure that your baseball cap looks great for you to wear it proudly.

Checking Your Baseball Cap

Whether you wear your baseball cap for work or as a fashion statement, the process of removing wrinkles out of your baseball cap should involve cleaning it. The reason why you must clean it first is because the heat produced by ironing and steaming can make any stains in the hat even more difficult to get rid of at a later stage. While most baseball caps are made of cotton twill, other baseball caps are made of cotton and polyester blends. That being said, it’s important to assess your cap to determine the best approach to cleaning it.

Examine the Material

It’s essential to carefully assess the cap to see the type of material it’s made from, the quality of the stitching, and the brim (technically called the visor). If the cap is made with high-quality material and has solid stitching, cleaning it shouldn’t be an issue. Differently, you have to be extra careful if your baseball cap is poorly constructed with low-quality material and loose stitching. Also be careful if your hat is more than 20 years old; the visor may be structured using cardboard, which must not get wet.

Check the Tag – Many baseball caps come with tags on the inside of the sweatband. These tags generally have washing instructions and information about the material. Determine whether the cap is made of cotton twill, polyester or wool.

Carry Out a Color Fastness Test – You should check whether or not your cap bleeds color when wet. You can carry out this test by using a damp cloth. Rub it on a small area of the cap. If the color stays on the cap then you can wash it. If it sheds color, then you cannot wash it as it will fade and, if being washed with other items, will stain those items. 


Baseball Cap Cleaning Tips

The best way of dealing with wrinkles is by avoiding them in the first place. In addition to ensuring that your cap isn’t crushed, you should always try your best to reduce the wrinkles. In short, make sure that the cap is stored properly. 

But because you’ll have to wash and clean your baseball cap once in a while, the wrinkles may be inevitable in the long run and you’ll have to deal with them. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Avoid Putting Your Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine – Particularly those baseball caps that are more than 20 years old, as the bills will have been constructed using cardboard. Tumbling in the dryer is also not good for the shape of your cap, regardless of its age. You should avoid the washing machine for older caps, and the dryer altogether.

DO NOT Use the Dishwasher – A widespread myth is that you can wash your baseball cap in the dishwasher. Avoid doing this at all costs. Besides the tumbling and the heat that will occur inside the dishwasher, the detergents used in the dishwashers have bleaching agents and can damage and discolor your cap.

Do Not Use Detergents that Have Bleaching Agents – This is self-explanatory. The bleaching agents can damage the texture or color of your cap.

Rely on Hand Washing – The BEST way of washing your baseball cap is through hand washing. You’ll not only be able to retain the color and shape of the cap but will significantly reduce the wrinkles.

What You’ll Need

Given that the safest and most effective way to clean your baseball cap is through hand washing, here are some of the things that you’ll need:

·       Mild Detergent

·       A soft Toothbrush

·       A Bucket

·       Hair Conditioner Gel

The Cleaning Process

Removing the wrinkles on your baseball cap when it’s dirty is not advisable. You should, therefore, make sure that you know how to clean your cap properly before even worrying about removing the wrinkles. Here are the steps to cleaning your cap.

Step One: Dust it – Now that you’ve checked all the cleaning information, you can dust it or remove dirt accordingly using the brush.

Step Two: Wet it in the Sink – As we’ve said earlier, you should always wash your baseball cap by hand, so you need to wet it in the sink.

Pro Tip: Try not to soak a cardboard bill as this will make it weak and might damage it.

Step Three: Apply the Detergent – Remember to use a mild detergent that doesn’t have bleaching agents. Apply the detergent on the soft toothbrush and scrub the cap gently to remove all the remaining dirt and dust.

Step Four: Rinse the Detergent Off – Thoroughly rinse off the detergent with lukewarm water but try not to over soak it. This is where the hair conditioner comes in handy. Mix a few drops of the conditioner in a bucket filled with water and use it to clean the cap. The conditioner is essential in softening the cap’s fibers, which will be important when removing the wrinkles.

Step Five: Leave the Cap to Dry – This will take a minimum of 24 hours.


Removing the Wrinkles

This is where the real work begins. You’ve now washed your baseball cap, it’s looking super clean but the wrinkles are still evident. What do you do? Here are the steps involved.


Steaming is the easiest way to remove creases from your baseball cap and give it back its lovely original look. Using steam enables you to (slightly) stretch, manipulate and shape the cap the way you see fit or desire. Keep in mind that your cap can get creases when you clean it or when it is being shipped to you and so you can use steaming to easily remove these wrinkles.

Step 1: Boil a kettle full of water until it reaches boiling point, then transfer the water to a pot on the kitchen stove. Turn on the stove, using medium heat for the water. [Note: if your kettle is heated directly from the burner of the stove, then simply reduce the heat to medium once the water reaches boiling point]. As you can imagine, the water and steam are extremely hot. You should, therefore, be extra careful to keep your hands, face and cap at least 6 inches away from the pot or kettle.

Step 2: Steam every wrinkled part of the cap both on the inside and on the outside. Make sure that you move the steam vapor around the wrinkled parts for about 30 seconds. This will not just make the cap warm but will also make it soft so that you can begin the reshaping process.

Step 3: Carefully manipulate every part of the cap using your hands. Run your fingers through the brim and give it the desired shape. You can use the rubber bands to fold the brim to your desired size.

Pro Tip: If the cap gets too damp, let it sit and dry before continuing with the process.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until the wrinkles disappear and the cap takes the desired shape.


Wear Your Baseball Cap with Pride

Baseball caps are popular accessories for men, women, and children of all ages. Whether you’re wearing a baseball cap in support of your favorite team, as part of your work uniform, to protect your head and face from the sun and wind, or as a fashion statement, we’re sure you want it to look nice and wrinkle-free.

Wearing your favorite baseball cap with its original smoothness of course feels better. Unfortunately, your baseball cap will get wrinkles along the way and so you should know how to remove these wrinkles. Following the above-discussed processes will be of great help. Good luck!