Can You Wear Bucket Hats in Winter?

Bucket hats are an extremely popular accessory in the spring and summer seasons. But what about wearing one in winter? Is it fashion forward or a complete no-go? Fashion faux-pas can be hard to live down, but don't worry. We have everything you need to know about wearing bucket hats in this season.

So, can you wear bucket hats in the winter? Even during winter, bucket hats are popular everywhere from street fashion to off-duty models. Winter-ready bucket hats are widely available and can be made from materials such as corduroy, wool, and faux fur. Designers, fashionistas, and streetwear fans everywhere can be seen sporting this hat, even in the winter season.

But then there's also the question of if you should wear one in the winter, and if so, how? Or what design of bucket hat exactly? Don't worry; we have all of that covered too, so keep reading.

Why Bucket Hats are Actually Perfect for Winter

Way back when, bucket hats were originally worn by fishermen (this is why they're sometimes called fisherman's hats). The wide brim that went downwards was designed to protect their face from the rain and the sun. This is why some people may find it odd to wear bucket hats in the winter, since they're associated with fishermen and are usually worn during rainy or sunny weather.

But fashion is all about innovation and reinventing old things. There are more ways to wear bucket hats than people usually think, and people are wearing these hats in winter now, too.

This is because the streetwear and high fashion community completely reinvented the bucket hat, and fashion brands are now making winter-ready bucket hats with a luxurious twist as well as ones with a more unexpected design such as ones made of leather or PVC.

Some of these hats sell at a high price point, but there are plenty of affordable alternatives out there. It's a good investment if you want a versatile accessory for winter and other seasons.

So, here are some of the reasons why you can definitely wear them in the winter:

Practical for cold weather - By design, bucket hats will keep your head warm and won't get blown off by the winter winds. It does all this without you having to sacrifice any style, which is always a bonus.

Enhances the silhouette - Outfits in the winter are usually rather boxy or ‘straight' because of coats and all the layers of clothing. Adding a bucket hat to this will balance everything out and make your outfit look more dynamic and fun.

An alternative to knitted beanies - If you want to break away from traditional winter hats, bucket hats are a good choice to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

A variety of textures, materials, and designs to choose from - Nowadays, bucket hats are being made with anything from nylon to faux fur so it's easy to find one that will match the pieces in your wardrobe.

Goes with any outfit - Bucket hats go with pretty much anything, so it'll help you eliminate decision fatigue when deciding what to add to your winter outfit. It makes casual clothes more striking and adds an element of fun to fashionable looks.

Things to Consider

Bucket hats might not be the best choice to wear in some cases, so here are some things you might want to consider:

It might clash with your style - If your lifestyle requires you to wear very serious or businesslike outfits most of the time, bucket hats may not be the best choice of accessory.

The alternatives – Other winter hats like beanies and berets may be more appealing to you or look better with certain outfits.

Go with what makes you feel good - Even if bucket hats are a very polarizing trend, nobody's stopping you from wearing one. If you're worried about sticking out in a bad way, it should be fine as long as your hat doesn't look completely inappropriate or out of place for winter.

Pay attention to the details - For example, some bucket hats have eyelets on the brim for ventilation. These tend to look like fishermen's hats. You should probably steer clear of these since it's definitely not practical in the cold and is more appropriate for summer.

Cotton and canvas - Bucket hats made of cotton or canvas aren't as warm, if that's a main concern for you. You can still wear these in winter, but just be careful because sometimes the texture and material of the hat could clash with a winter look. Most hats made of this material may be better worn in Spring and summer instead. 


The Best Buskets Hats for Winter

Here are some of the best choices of bucket hats for the winter season:

Faux fur – For women, these fluffy hats look especially glamorous and pair well with equally glamorous winter clothing. Faux fur is relatively inexpensive and is a winter essential. Adding a faux fur bucket hat to your outfit can really tie everything together.

Corduroy – These hats have a very distinct pattern and are rather thick and soft. Corduroy is a strong material, so it's a good investment. The lines and texture of this material give off strong winter vibes. They're not as flashy as faux fur hats, so this is a good choice if you want to go for an elegant or classy feel.

Nylon – Bucket hats made of nylon are more durable and resistant to weathering. It also traps heat in quite well. These hats in particular look great with a down jacket for a somewhat utilitarian look.

Suede – A suede bucket hat is another great choice if you want something more subtle than a faux fur hat. It has a unique texture that makes anyone wearing it look luxurious. Suede bucket hats can be worn with knitwear or a matching trench coat.

How to Style Bucket Hats for a Winter Outfit

Again, bucket hats generally go well with most outfits so there's no single way to style them. Here are some winter outfit ideas with bucket hats:

Match with your outfit Make your outfit look more put together by matching the color and/or texture of your bucket hat with the outermost layer of your clothing (sweaters, trench coats, etcetera). For example, a black bucket hat would look good with a black leather jacket.

Wear it with a turtleneck – These hats are also often seen paired with turtlenecks. Since it covers the top of the head and the neck, this look will highlight your face and create a sophisticated profile with a touch of mystery.

Size up – If you want to go big, then consider wearing a fluffy bucket hat with an oversized sweater. This is a great look if you want to feel is comfortable and stylish.

Don't overdo it – On the other hand, if you're wearing a faux fur coat or something similar, you should pair it with a hat made of corduroy or any other material that isn't fluffy. This is because having more than one fur element in a single outfit can look too 'heavy' or unbalanced.

Make it the focal point –You can use a colorful bucket hat to add a pop of color to a muted outfit. The contrast will make the impression you give more striking. One way to do this is by wearing an off-white fur coat or something similar and pairing it with a dark red bucket hat.