Why Is the Underside of a Baseball Cap Green?

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the classic baseball cap? Its curved brim? The game itself? Or, how about its green underside? Having graced us with their presence since the 80s, green underbrims were, and still are, nothing unordinary. Truth be told, though, not many cap wearers know why this is - by reading on, that will change.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Baseball Cap

Donning a good-looking baseball cap not only protects your head and face from the sun and wind but is also a nice way to enhance your persona, outlook, and fashion sense. On the contrary, a baseball cap is a delicate accessory that should be handled with a lot of care. Things can get more serious if you have a favorite baseball cap that you feel you can’t do without. What can you do when a packing mishap or a simple mistake leaves you with a wrinkled baseball cap?

Here is the Best Way to Mail Baseball Caps

Imagine this. Your up-and-coming business has just sealed the deal on a baseball cap, which, once chucked in a plastic bag, tosses and turns in a transit van as it travels from state to state. An excited customer eagerly waits for its arrival, only to find the cap crushed and battered. Instead, the only thing your company will find is an angry message demanding those dollars back. Let’s be honest, this scenario is better avoided.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Your Baseball Cap Backwards

Far, far back in fashion’s past, the bizarre trend of wearing your cap backwards gained speed - in the 90s, especially, it was sought after by many hat wearers. You looked rebellious. You looked fetching. You looked unique. But now, it’s fair to say that’s not the case. Not at all. Just trust us on this one.

Why Keep Stickers on Baseball Caps?

Picture this. It’s the 1980s and you’re standing in the streets of Compton. Baseball caps sit on the heads of practically every man who passes you, and, what’s that shiny label you can see on their brims? They, my friend, are stickers - the stickers that always took centre stage when it came to styling this popular accessory.

The Best Ways to Clean Sweat Stains from a Golf Cap

When gracing the golf course, it's not only vital that you play the part - you must look the part, too. As lovers of golf and the uniform that comes along with it, we know only too well how pesky sweat stains can be for your caps. We've crafted this article just for you.

What is the Difference? Snapback Cap vs Dad Hat

A dad hat (or “dad cap”) is a style of cap, whereas “snapback” actually refers to the closure mechanism at the back of the cap (which snaps together) rather than the whole hat. However, there is a particular design associated with the “classic” snapback, and we can compare its features with those of the dad hat.

What is a Snapback Baseball Cap?

We've all heard of a baseball cap - the classic all-American accessory. But what exactly is a snapback? In this article, we'll answer just that.

Baseball caps are a simple style of hat that transcend class, gender and fashion trends the world over. And it's likely they will stay this way for a long time.

What is the Buckram of a Baseball Cap?

Buckram is the fabric lining the inside of the front two panels of a baseball cap. It is made of stiff material (traditionally cotton), and gives the cap its shape. Most baseball caps have a buckram, though not all: baseball caps with this inner lining are called “structured caps”, and caps without this lining are called “unstructured caps”. With an unstructured cap, the cap gains its shape only when worn, as the wearer’s forehead supports the “structure” of the front of the cap. Let’s look into how it is made, and the functions it performs.

The 5 Major Types of Baseball Cap (and their Attributes)

Baseball caps are one of the most prominent accessories on the planet, filling the wardrobes of people of all ages, genders and origins. They know no limits, and touch generations on a global scale. With so much background history, it's undeniable that the baseball cap can stand its own ground in the fashion industry. In this article, we'll dive a little deeper into its waters.

How to Clean a Cotton Baseball Cap

Baseball caps can be a godsend, especially during the sticky summer months, or when they come to save the day during those inevitable bad hair moments. However, with each and every wear, you're exposing your hat to a potential multitude of stains and damage.

So, it's our time to save the day. In this article, we'll tell you how to clean your cotton baseball caps in the best way possible.

Dad Hats: What Makes This Cap a Timeless Classic?

Picture this. You're sporting an item of clothing that's stereotypically designated for dads. A pair of flared jeans? A checkered flannel? Whatever it is, wearing 'dad clothing' may earn your fashion sense a wide range of insults, from outdated to ill-fitting.

But for dad hats, this couldn't be further from the truth. We're about to tell you why.

The Trucker Hat: From Freebie to Fashion Item

Trucker hats. Standing tall, proud, and with the utmost of convenience, they're the epitome of hard-working Americans. Although stemming from the infamous baseball cap, they can certainly stand their own ground in this crowded fashion industry.

Despite originating as a worker's accessory and being their first port of call when it comes to combatting sunshine and sweat, trucker hats have made a remarkable transformation from class to class. Now adopted by high end designers, this style of cap has certainly made its mark on worldwide fashion. In this article, we'll delve a little deeper into why that is. So, strap yourselves in and enjoy this whistle stop tour of the trucker hat.

What is the Difference? Snapback Cap vs Fitted Cap

If you are new to the world of baseball caps, this guide will explain the difference between snapbacks and fitteds.

What is the Difference? Snapback Cap vs Strapback Cap

If you have been asking yourself about the terminology “snapback” and “strapback”, then this article will explain all.

The Parts of a Baseball Cap – Essential Guide

Our clients often ask us to tell them about the components that make a cap, so we have created this guide to explain the different parts of a Baseball Cap.

Frontrvnners | Rising Stars

Frontrvnners | Rising Stars

Frontrvnners entered our radar in 2016 as a start-up brand which seemed to be better thought-out than the other streetwear concepts setting up at the time. Through constant dedication, the team have built an international following from their unusual base in Vancouver. Their recent acclaim may appear to be indicative of "overnight success", however the Frontrvnners story reveals how easily the brand may have ended with a whimper on more than one occasion. I spoke with Joshua to hear about his tireless journey.

Bowlcut | Rising Stars

Bowlcut | Rising Stars

Bowlcut emerged in 2016 with a bang... And consistently followed up with bootleg-banger after banger. Their market-stall chic, combined with witty brandjacking established Bowlcut as a leader in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market. I caught the owners at a pop-up event, and later spoke with half of the creative duo known as "J & A" to get an insider's view of their operation.

Twelvepieces | Rising Stars

Twelvepieces | Rising Stars

I first encountered Twelvepieces.dk in the summer of 2016 when the site was bare, save for "TWELVEPIECES" text as a placeholder. Amir seemed pretty sure at the time that he was about to launch a brand a cut above the rest. However, each month I checked the website for an update, I was greeted by the same placeholder text from the previous month. This was until January 2017, when Amir finally unveiled his opus. Since then, in less than twelve months, his reputation has transformed from that of unknown to revelation. I caught up with Amir to discuss his perspective on Twelvepieces' meteoric rise.

Kochetkov | Rising Stars

Kochetkov | Rising Stars

While on a trip to Taipei I wanted to discover what the local scene had to offer. I searched numerous obscure online forums, but only seemed to find references to brands all-too-common. This was until I chanced upon a post describing a local brand run by a non-local. I delved deeper to investigate, and the conclusion was a pleasant surprise: a streetwear brand helmed by a female, producing womenswear exclusively.